Beginner’s Pack

Building channels from scratch requires some initial housekeeping. Content building requires some effort to conduct research, articulate opinion, and build your company’s story. However, it’s not done in vain. That content pool becomes your coveted crown of jewels. Not only will it build credibility for you quickly, it will become the basis for ongoing repurposing to address the news agenda at the time; or the sentiment of your target audience. How do you get started?

  1. Key messages defined

  2. Story development mapped

  3. Influencers and stakeholders invited to participate (At this stage your social media expert will be working on establishing, building and populating your channels such as YouTube, Wordpress, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook etc.)

  4. 1:1 Media training and key message practice (video sessions and feedback provided)

  5. Briefings to talent; testing of medium with talent

  6. Recording with talent

  7. Post-production (repeat steps 4, 5 and 6 for a series)

  8. Placement of asset in timely manner within owned channels

Investment (ex GST)

This pack is a monthly retainer for one year which results in a series of 3 podcasts, 6 blogs, 3 webinars and 1 video. Other quantities are available on request.

Return on Investment

I will establish a content pool of engaging content that can be repurposed over time. The engagement will be measured in a monthly report. Ultimately, the best return on investment will be your new reputation as a go-to commentator and expert in your field.