Repurposing for a purpose

We’re currently decluttering our home for more space which is a usual new year activity for our family. However, this time, we’ve pulled out the LEGO and are stock taking the pieces from each box with the purpose of on selling it for some cash for our son. It’s a painstakingly long process (with some outbursts of expletives along the way) but gives me time to think about the topic for my next blog.

What I see after 20 years of experience working with clients on content creation is the effort and expense that goes into creating content from scratch when there’s so much value in what’s already been created and stored or packed away to collect dust, just like these LEGO boxes.

Just last month I launched my new business, MONIQUEPR, a podcasting and content curation service for people who want to leverage the power of podcasting to achieve engagement with their customers. Podcasting is relatively new in Australia but has grown in popularity. Hey, we even have Australian Podcast Awards, of which I’m nominated for the Industry & Careers award as Host. So it’s gaining ground locally.

Further to its huge uptake in popularity and engagement, is the opportunity to offset podcast production costs with advertising revenue, which Forbes believes will grow in the US to $395 million by 2020, resulting in a strong business case for podcasting. 

Despite its appeal, I often get asked, “What will I talk about in my podcast?” Instead, I respond with a counter question: “What will your customers want to hear?” Keeping the topics and content relevant and engaging is most important. 

Just as we are wading through LEGO to seek value for on selling, you can review your content pool to determine its relevance in today’s climate, economy or season.

Select key moments to talk to your customers. Just as we identify the missing LEGO pieces to purchase to complete the set, your content needs a bit of investment to fill the gaps and can be tweaked and updated with latest statistics, news or can be aligned with a Timeline Moment in your industry such as EOFY, Valentine’s Day, Summer or other world days that celebrate your industry or topic to grow your audience.

If you are just starting out, content will need to be built from scratch. The best way to store it is within a blog. Blogs are a great treasure chest of content because tags of key words acts as a catalogue for repurposing content. Every podcast interview I record is transcribed and repurposed into a blog and edited for further reach. So, after time and initial effort, there’s no reason why you need to create content from scratch each time you want to talk to your customers. The key is that you make it relevant, helpful and timely.

So what are you waiting for?  Have a purpose this year and connect more deeply with your customers in a relevant timely manner with MONIQUEPR.

As we plough through LEGO pieces, completing sets and predicting their resale prices, we remember all the fun we had with LEGO and agree that it will bring the same joy to someone else. You too will rediscover the value of your existing content as you review it and bring it to life once again in a relevant and engaging way. Why not do that easily and cost effectively through the power of podcasts?

On selling LEGO is a tough gig but well worth it…..

On selling LEGO is a tough gig but well worth it…..