The most engaging blog I have read this year

It’s difficult at the best of times to engage an audience with a software solution but to do this successfully in the midst of the busy silly season warrants double the recognition. Such a blog is: Supply Chain Wars Episode IV - A New Hope. It certainly grabbed my attention and not because I am a Star Wars fan but because it was a solid argument for continuous planning presented in a compelling way by a global software provider, Logility. Here’s the video introduction to the blog (note, it’s a short video within a blog - another tick from me).

The blog includes best practice advice from Gartner to propel into the right continuous planning processes. This addition not only adds credibility to Logility but also offers readers some quality and sought-after advice for free (a must-have in every blog). It’s author does a great job of encouraging readers to take the next step in their planning and offers insights into the end results (also theme related): “to restore peace and order to the entire supply chain.”

Furthermore it has the famous dead man’s quote (in this case, from Yoda - Already know you that which you need.)

Lastly and importantly, it ends with a call to action for feedback.

My only disappointment was that the video did not include the Star Wars theme song. Royalties got the better of them, is my guess.

Luckily, there’s promise of another episode of Supply Chain Wars coming soon. I’ll be sure to share it with you. Until then, be an Jedi content curator.