Essential Guide To Podcasting

There are five purchases you will need to make before you hit record:

  1. A podcast hosting service: Podbean, Soundcloud or other platforms offer hosting fees for around $250 per annum and provide a quasi website if you’d prefer to simplify your platforms

  2. A recording service: Audacity, Zencastr or other offer software providers offer recording fees for around $20 a month, or can be utilised via the free subscriptions if you are trialing their offerings

  3. A good quality microphone: I use an ATR 2100 from JBHifi for $95 because it allows me to connect to various devices, including an amplifier should the need arise to podcast live to an audience. I use a windsock over the mic which you can buy from a few dollars from a music store. Choose one to fit a SM58

  4. Head phones can be as cheap and nasty as you want to go. The quality is not dependent on this piece of equipment

  5. Good quality internet connection: 4G or greater if possible for best continuity

The podcast studio should be small, sound proof and well insulated. Avoid a swivel chair and ensure you have plenty of air ventilation. I use a light box featuring “On Air” so that I am not disturbed during recording.

Lastly, for best results, send your voice files to a sound producer who will work to clean your recording into a professional production! This is particularly valuable if you are planning to source sponsorship and subscriptions for your podcast as the producer can not only vastly improve the quality of your recording but can also seamlessly weave in mid roll and post roll sponsor advertisements to the podcast.