Engagement is the new yardstick of marketing. It’s powerful because it leads to a change in customer behaviour. That’s a marketer’s dream because it results in lead generation. Ultimately, engagement has challenged us all to deliver better content and explore new mediums. But many are too frightened to use them. It’s why I got into podcasting. Now, there’s no turning back.

MY Mission

Transform information into compelling content; quality production; delivered in a timely manner through social channels and influencers to engage target audiences.

I’ve known Monique now for a couple of years with my membership and support of ASCI. Monique is part of the glue that makes ASCI tick and bat above its weight in the broad supply chain sector as an organisation chasing space to help and support the industry’s supply chain executives. The marketing of ASCI is first class and uses the digital world to its advantage to target its market and use resources smartly. She is also a pleasure to know and is always professional.
— Ingilby Dickson, Non Executive Board Director

What I've Achieved

  • Hosted and produced over 70 podcasts with 6,000 downloads

  • Direction, script writing and production of 12 professional videos and webinars

  • Over 50 blogs with 1,200 views

  • 20 years of experience pitching hundreds of stories to business media; writing hundreds of media releases; cutting through the noise of the newsroom.

  • Received positive feedback from Australian Podcast Awards, nominated as a finalist:

    “This podcast offers great detail and insights into this specific industry, and the host has a great energy, instilling a sense of excitement about the topics.”

Monique Fenech is one of the best PR people with whom I've ever worked. She is an exceptional PR professional with the ability to translate complicated concepts into newsworthy copy that journalists and consumers want to read. She has a well-rounded skills set balancing issues management, social and digital PR, traditional PR and project management. I heartily recommend her.” - Allison Lee, Director Media, NSW Department of Industry